about mystonelamp

The idea

Mystonlamp is a globally unique, design protected idea where nature is combined with individual furnishing. Every stone-lamp is a particular piece of art. Thus, each creation is like no other. In the ancient stone structures of our products, minimalism and modernity merge into exclusive masterpieces.


The idea of MyStoneLamps comes from Herbert Neumair, who during a trip to Japan got inspired by the so-called "Suiseki" stones. This stones are naturally occurring rocks, which are traditionally appreciated in Japan. By observing one "Suiseki" next to his bedside lamp, Herbert developed the idea of lamps made out of extraordinary and unique stones. In collaboration with his son he created MyStoneLamp.



Our lamps are created in the heart of the Italian Dolomites. Every object is made in painstaking manual work, which allows us to provide our customers the highest quality products. The stones we use derive directly from the woods and valleys of South Tyrol. 


The rare stones are fixed on a black steel basis  whose structure varies from lamp to lamp. We have chosen this material to keep the naturalness of the stone in harmony with its overall appearance. An individual tailored lamp shade completes the whole design.



Our objectives

We provide our customers rare and individual lamps.

Through craftsmanship we guarantee high quality.

We combine art, nature, functionality and design.